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Cllr Fekri’s letter dated 14th September is just more socialist rhetoric from an opportunistic politician that is trying to establish his credibility with his new friends in the Calderdale Labour party.

His attack on the present government’s policies and how they are driving the working poor to living in what he terms as third world conditions, goes to show how little he knows about real poverty. To class anyone living in the UK with our bloated benefit system as living in third world poverty, is not only miss-leading, but is an insult to all the people in India, South America and Africa that are struggling every day just to survive. He and his Guardian reading band of middle class purer than thou socialist intellectuals, who love to think they are the saviours of the needy, have convenient short memories. Can I remind Cllr Fekri it was, now that he has conveniently changed parties, his government which raised the tax burden on the 20% of the lowest paid from 36% of disposable income to over 50% through cutting the 10p tax rate, stealth taxes, and fuel duties, while covering this up by giving them their hard earned money back through the family tax credit. A policy which had the sole intention to mislead an ever increasing number of our citizens to believe the state is giving a helping hand while making them dependent on government handouts. A tax cut would have been more beneficial, less bureaucratic, and a lot more honest, something the present government has instigated with raising the personal allowance to £10,000, taking millions of the low paid out of income tax altogether. I suggest he takes a look back into the history of his new adopted party and learn from what in 1976 the then Old Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan came to realise, that you can’t borrow to spend your way out of recession.

Andrew Tagg

Bishopdale Court