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Siddal Lane, Siddal

I refer to the Council’s proposals to knock down Northgate House and alter the surrounding area, due to the pie- in-the sky estimate of around £15,000,000 to refurbish it?

Don’t know where they get their figures from but in present financial climate they should stick to the facts and consider that old saying “If it’s not broke and it works don’t fix it”. Any refurbishment needed should only require essential work carrying out and equipment replacing.

If the Council want to spend any money correctly and encourage investment to benefit Halifax they should be looking at developing the area at the bottom end of town around the railway station, all the way from Shay Syke to North Bridge which in so many places at the present time is an eye sore.

The Council should encourage investment and development in this section of Halifax to promote what we really require, shoppers and tourists. Having travelled on many trains over the past few years and listened to the comments made by train passengers you realise how bad this area looks and in no way helps to encourage people to visit our town.

The council must also look at the road infrastructure in Halifax, whilst we all know that everything works when you look at plans in reality it doesn’t work, I fear this is what will happen with the alterations to narrow Broad Street to facilitate the Broad Street Plaza and has any thought being given to the access to and from the bus station in it’s present position or if it is moved slightly in this area?

If these road alterations should affect traffic flows in this area to both cars and public transport etc, it could become a deterrent and drive people away from using Halifax and create grid lock problems.

The Councillors and planners have failed on so many other issues before, a few samples are shown below, lets hope they can get things right this time:

l The Calderdale Royal Hospital - A building so badly designed it’s not functional, still with inadequate parking spaces which causes serious grid locked traffic in the roadways adjacent at visiting times.

l The town centre zones and loop scheme and alterations to Commercial Street and George Street causing more driver and pedestrian chaos than ever before, deterring visitors.

l The failure to widen Church Street between New Road and Horton Street in order to save a so called listed building, the dilapidated old mill at the junction of Deal Street, this is a vital road which needs attention if Halifax is to survive and encourage the required shoppers/visitors.

David Regan