Thatcher - a great leader


Being brought up in the 1920’s - 1930’s in a working class household where the old boy was dedicated Labour and a union official (N.U.P.E.), you learn a lot about politics at a very early age and I was a quick learner.

Being called up at 18 for active service and then shipped off to Europe makes one a man at an early age, so I got there quickly, got the tee shirt early in my young life, but never forgot my upbringing. The opportunities available today for young people did not exist then, but we did have the advantage of learning about life at an earlier time. Over that period of time I always had an interest in politics and still have, and in my humble opinion I have lived through the lives of three of our greatest Prime Ministers. Clement Atlee a true Labour leader surrounded by solid Labour ministers, not at all like the shadow cabinet of today, led by a Marxist leader and leftie union supporters. Winston Spencer Churchill another true Tory leader of his country, when this country needed one, a man of conviction at all times.

Third and certainly not least Margaret Thatcher who took over this country after a shambolic Labour divided Government under their leader Jim Callaghan. A three day week existed, rubbish littered the whole country, families could not bury their dead. The miners under Scargill were also working a go slow, three day week getting paid for five. So Margaret Thatcher took them on and improved the way of life, and things started to improve. Scargill was the man who ruined the mining community. Margaret Thatcher was never defeated after winning three elections but, was stabbed in the back by her very own elite. One of the main antagonists was the blubbering Ken Clarke appearing on BBC Question Time shedding his supposedly crocodile tears.

Now the issues I have of today’s lefties, and the young students who were not even born when Thatcher was in office is of burning effigies of Thatcher, singing obscene songs, what planet are they really on?

One should not be surprised by the likes of union led Marxists Leaders, and I don’t need to name them but, while they go about protecting their six figure salaries and their gold plated pensions, their faithful sheep will follow in line.

The young students would do well to recognise her achievements and concentrate on what they really are at their Universities for, they will surely benefit in later life.

Now we come to our three latest political leaders.

Cleggy, a man who doesn’t know his head from his elbow (I am being polite here)- A busted flush. Red Edd brought up in a Marxist family (his Brother took his ball home) sponsored by Unite, a son of Gordon Brown, anyone remember him? He was going to save the world or was it Kirkcaldy? Sold our gold down the river.

Our present leader Call me Dave (Tony Blair mark two) nearly a man of Thatcher, not quite there yet.

Still as they say do not judge a book by its cover, still a better bet than son of Gordon and a lackey to McClusky and Unite and all the other leftie unions. By the way the BBC and his chief Fatty Patty are far from blameless in all this, degrading one of our greatest leaders Baroness Thatcher. Not even they could organise the proverbial in a brewery.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green