The protest did make a difference

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Beechwood Avenue

Holmfield, Halifax

On February 28 I was at the council meeting and witnessed the protest of the Socialist Workers Party members and Unison fighting to save the 150 job losses planned in the Lib/Lab councils budget.

I think the protest must have influenced the Lib/Lab administration, as they rejected all three Conservative amendments to significantly reduce the planned increase charges for Leisure centres, parking and most disturbingly care for the elderly.

All to protect middle management positions. Councillor Tim Swift reminded the council that all these positions were essential for efficient front line services. Would these essential positions include the 4 diversity and one climate change officers? Let’s now put all this into perspective. All the protests, media coverage, meetings and consultations to protect 150 public sector jobs, while in the last 24 months over 700 jobs have been lost in Calderdale’s private sector. I wonder if they received 104 weeks’ redundancy payments?

Andrew Tagg

Conservative Candidate For Illingworth & Mixenden