They are just spoiling our enjoyment

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How on earth did Shibden last all the years it has?

From when it was first opened to visitors to the Hall and Park all those years ago.

I’m 68 years old, not only was I along with my cousins but mother and aunts and nan frequently spent many happy Sundays (all day) picnicking, boating, swings, slides roundabouts, ice cream, sunshine.

Lots and lots of other families doing the same thing. No parking charges, no entry fees, no vultures, no problems.

What a good, free day we had, then the council saw the potential income they could get out of yet another venue that was open free to the public.

What vital front-line services have jumped out of the bushes after these years, spokeswoman for the Council Pauline Nash? It’s classed as a free park. Open as such from the very start, kept in order by its heritage and lottery input.

How come it hasn’t come under your eyeglass up until now? It’s extortionate and trust me visitors will eventually cease to exist, it will end up with houses being built on it and again the council profits.

The people are being robbed of everything by this grabbing council (70p per hour).

No wonder people with any sense stay away. Good job you can’t tax air, you’re just spoiling one more of our enjoyments.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens