This is most dangerous crossing in Halifax

While working on refurbishments at Shaw Lodge Flats for several months we have had to use the crossing outside on Shaw Hill several times a day.

This must be the most dangerous crossing in Halifax, cars come downhill from Huddersfield Road at speeds of 30-40mph and up from Halifax from Water Lane roundabout at top speeds.

I have been on the middle of the crossing a few times when cars have failed to stop and are oblivious to anyone on the crossing, driving straight through, to say there is a block of flats for older people outside the crossing which equals approximately 85 dwellings.

To have no pelican crossing or speed humps on this stretch of road is a disgrace.

Surely other people have complained to road safety?

The crossing also has ancient ‘Belisha Beacons’ which are supposed to be lit up. It is only a matter of time before there will be a fatal accident here.

Mr Stephen Hunter

Princeton Close