Too much to organise

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The letters from Norma Willoughby, “Great place to live!”, and Karen Townend “Payback work in Calderdale” (Courier, February 8) generally about the increasing amount of litter being discarded is an issue that needs addressing and could fairly easily be improved with a little thought and organising by those in power.

It has often been suggested that prisoners and ex-offenders could be used for this work as part of their ‘payback’ for offending. The old saying “the devil finds work for idle hands to do”, perfectly illustrates the idle work of litter and senseless spoliation we see around us. This sort of ‘tidy up’ work could be made into a positive by the simple changing of wording from ‘Litter collection’ to ‘recycling’ whereby bottles, cans and plastic could be separated on site as it’s collected. Together with prisoners and ex-offenders, unemployed people (not ‘the unemployed’) could also be utilised and be paid the proper union rate for the work carried out. The only people powerful enough to put these simple means in place are our politicians who,who could not organise a booze-up in a brewery, or a prayer meeting at the Vatican!

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road