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Having read and studied carefully the minutes from a meeting of the Calderdale District Liaison committee meeting I am minded to raise several issues concerning the situation with public transport that I have personal experience of.
There is a dire lack of buses after 6pm during the week so that taking public transport home after work becomes difficult or impossible, not very helpful especially during the winter months.
The West End bus runs five times a day only! The first at 10am, the last at 3pm - wonderful if you need to go to work. These two concerns alone drive people into their cars, contrary to Appendix 1 items:
3) “To keep current car trips at 2011 levels.” 4 ) “reduction of carbon emissions”. Under the heading Evening Services (page 3) there are numerous complaints about evening services from Blackshaw Head and Fairfield and Eaves.
Perhaps time would be better spent sorting out a comprehensive service to enable the travelling public to use public transport effectively.
After all these companies are subsidised by council tax.

John Shoesmith

Warley Road, Halifax