Trial by media is inevitable

Ordeal: Amanda Knox
Ordeal: Amanda Knox

Virginia Mason writes (Courier, October 12) regretting that Amanda Knox’s supporters appear to make no mention of the murdered Meredith Kerchner.

In the 1970s and 1980s I was an officer of the UN-recognised “International Prisoners’ Aid Association (UK)” at the time of another ‘international cause celebre’, the wrongful conviction and 2½ years in jail of Rita Nightingale for a drug-offence in Thailand. Miss Nightingale became a Reader in the C of E Blackburn Diocese soon after her release.

I am glad that Virginia Mason avoids criticising Miss Knox. Quite apart from the fact that we have no business to expect perfect pronouncements from someone just released from the ordeal of long and wrongful imprisonment, the young lady has previously expressed her sorrow over Miss Kerchner’s killing.

The entry of ‘trial by media’, especially where national standards of justice are inadequate, is I fear as inevitable as it is baleful.

Frank McManus

Longfield Road