Valerie’s letter is spot-on about Sowerby Bridge!

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Willow Drive

Burnley Road

I have read the various articles in the Courier, and comments in ‘Your say’ regarding the “I Love Sowerby Bridge” features.

I have to say that overall I have to agree with Valerie Mellor’s letter (“...but I think the town has gone downhill”, Your say, March 3).

She is so spot-on that I couldn’t have put it better myself. In particular I wish to comment on the siting of the swimming baths in Station Road and the effect it has on parking there, especially for those visiting the doctors’ surgery.

Long before the baths were actually built I expressed my concerns about this in my letter (“Pool adds to parking issues” Courier, October 15, 2009), should the baths be open at times other than from 6pm, especially as there was a requirement for 35 parking spaces in Station Road or adjacent areas.

This detail, including the opening times were published in an item in the Courier (presumably from information provided by the council), just before I wrote my letter.

The fact that the baths are in fact open from 7am throughout the day means that we were duped, and I don’t like being conned.

Just as the council won’t respond to the frequent submissions against a second bowling alley in Broad Street, by giving its reasons why it thinks it is needed, it rides rough-shod over the common-sense views of the public!

Of course I would not wish to deny the people of Sowerby Bridge their swimming baths but it could have been better sited.

Perhaps adjacent to the large car-park behind the new market, and the latter sited where the baths are ie, where the old market was.

As for driving through the town, what happened to the plans to reduce the volume of this traffic ie, a new link road to Wakefield Road or some sort of overhead bypass?

Regarding Sowerby Bridge as a whole, it has its attractions and is in a nice area. I once used to make a frequent rail journey that took me through Crewe.

On one occasion I made a mental note “Crewe - a place to go through, but not to go to” I have revised that for Sowerby Bridge - “A place to go to (if you can get parked), but not to go (drive) through”.

And one last thought, the “I Love Sowerby Bridge” feature did not include Willowfield as one of its areas, which it is, and it is one of the nicer parts but almost wholly residential.

Harry Thompson