We are an island - and we can manage nicely

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As the crisis in the Euro Zone deepens, and we slide towards the inevitable admission that the Greeks are bankrupt and beyond redemption while living inside the constraints of the European Union, the other clowns on board the sinking ship must surely now be questioning the wisdom of continually throwing money overboard instead of the water that’s causing them all to sink.

Now we hear of a plan for all the major world economies to contribute to a bail out fund to be held by the International Monetary Fund, and Britain will be expected to stump up a sizable sum - somewhere in the region of 50 billion. Another stab in the back for the tax payer. And, considering we now have a government responsible enough to tackle head on our obsession with living way beyond our means, and causing us all much pain in the process, this seems doubly unfair. The developing superpowers from the far east don’t seem too taken with the idea of giving money over to Europe, having seen how profligate the clowns have shown themselves to be thus far, so why should we?

Not that there’s any shame if many of the European countries (Britain included) chose to accept money from the emerging superpowers, considering we have consistently supported the economic and educational development of these countries, with hard cash, for generations.

But Britain can’t be classed in the way that many other European countries can, because, unlike the basket cases of Greece and the Italy, we’ve shown a good measure of responsible behaviour since the economic crisis developed, and have clearly shown that the future of our country doesn’t rely on receiving hand outs from Brussels or anywhere else. (Although our farmers might disagree with that one).

French President Mr. Sarkozy almost gave the game away when answering questions put to him by a British news reporter. In answer to questions about the relationship between the President and the German Chancellor, Mr. Sarkozy replied that Britain was an Island, and we don’t properly understand the complexities of relations between other European countries.

And there we have it in a nut shell - the real Europeans are happy to deal with the British just so long as we pour money into lost causes, but we are not a part of the real gang and we certainly don’t have the sophistication to deal with the kind of mind boggling cock-ups that the Europeans can create.

So, hold your nerve Mr. Cameron, and remember that Britain IS an Island nation; we AREN’T physically connected to the main body of European countries, and one day we might all wake up and realise we can manage quite nicely, thank you, without all the trouble that comes to us from our association with the likes of Merkel and Sarky.

V. Hodgkiss