We have human rights too

Why are we all suffering from the cutback measures being taken? Yet we still let in Europeans by the thousands and foreigners from farther afield and pay all the benefits including family allowance when the kids are still in the home country?

I believe the government simply do not have a clue, none of them have ever had a financial worry nor will they ever have; they after all are on the gravy train that only ever stops to collect more money.

I do understand that we are part of Europe and have to allow these people in but surely not to plunder our English generosity. Why cannot we allow them only to come if they have a job and if benefits are paid then only payable at the same level as their home country, this would put a few scroungers off

We all cry human rights but what of the working man/woman’s human rights, the right to have a say where their hard earned cash goes?

MPs expenses: I work quite often away from home and as such get an allowance for digs and food, I can get something cheaper and keep the change or more grand and pay the difference so why don’t we do similar with the MPs?

The way this country is going at the moment we will be the next to suffer civil unrest when the beleaguered and very patient Englishman finally says I have had enough of being treat as a second rate citizen - I too have human rights.

David Bray