We must tackle issue of respect

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Ashley Villas

Hebden Bridge

Sunday afternoon April 3, between the showers, I walked with my 8 year old granddaughter to feed the ducks at the river walk in Hebden Bridge.

As we strolled along I noticed empty beer cans stuffed into garden conifers, some laying in the gutters, and waste bins overflowing with rubbish. A car stopped up ahead at the side of the road and a family got out, the mother of the small boy hastily took out some tissues and as we got near I saw her trying to remove dog dirt from his shoe which was on the pavement where they had parked.

When we arrived at the river walk I looked in dismay at a beer barrel and milk crate lying in the river and the river bed littered with broken glasses and bottles.

My 8 year old seemed to be oblivious to the mess and the dangers that surrounded her and was very happy running around feeding the ducks with her bread.

On the way back home pub doorways were crowded with people smoking and chatting and littering the streets with fag ash and ends and as we walked past the square a small young girl was enjoying dancing to the musician playing in the open air.

As we crossed over the Bridge a group of young men approached (obviously well oiled) and asked if we’d any bread left to feed the fish, one turned to my 8 year old and said “they’re Bl--dy Massive in here” and then staggered off towards the square. Thank goodness it wasn’t Rooney!

The point is that our kids are going to grow up believing this is normal if we don’t do something about it now.

Councils, police Chief Constables and the Government have become obsessed with power and profit rather than lifestyle and respect.

Why do councils not train their wardens to be multi skilled instead of just slapping tickets on cars? Why do Chief Constables think it’s best to place officers in cosy cars and video vans?

I sincerely hope there are more people in Britain with the same thoughts as mine. I don’t want our offspring to be subjected to this kind of environment and hope that more will be done to rectify this pretty terrible situation.

Barry Greenwood