We need better bus service

Watkinson Road


It comes as no surprise to me to learn that fewer passengers are using local bus services in some areas.

On the evening of March 15 I and one other would-be passenger waited in Beechwood Road for the 18:15 departure 526 bus from Shelf, due around 18:40. I waited from 18:30 until 19:00 in the hope that it would arrive. Given it was a foggy evening I expected there could be a delay. It did not arrive and I returned home with a planned evening ruined.

On Tuesday evening (March 29) I decided rather than risk a recurrence of the previous problem I would walk to the top of Beechwood Road and catch the 523 bus. The last one of the day from Abbey Park due to arrive Beechwood Road top at around 18:35. I arrived in plenty of time to view the bus on its outward journey to Illingworth confident that I and others would catch it on the return journey to town. Not so. As it approached I saw that the destination board read ‘Not in service’. It passed us empty of passengers and my previous confidence turned quickly into anger.

Fortunately for me a passing friend stopped his vehicle and offered me a lift to town, saving what may have been yet another spoilt evening.

Having contacted First bus with regard to my previous problem with the 526 and having heard nothing from them as yet I consider it pointless to enquire about this latest episode.

Having had reason to complain many times over the years about this company’s service I send this short and concise message, ‘Pack up, leave Calderdale and make room for an operator who cam provide a reliable service to this area of North Halifax’.

In a conversation with an employee of First I was told that this recently almost happened. Let’s hope that it will and at last give the travelling public some hope of an improvement in the reliability to bus journeys that Calderdale expects and rightly deserves.

H W D Maude