We need to get to work by train

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I am writing to you to add my voice and concern about the proposed timetable plans for Walsden train station.

It is typical of big business these days that the shareholders are the ONLY people who seem to be considered when it comes to implementing changes. The stakeholders, in this instance, are deemed to be the people who own shares in this business and not the most important people, ie. the train users, who make those shareholders shares worth having. How are people living in rural areas supposed to get to the major cities for work when the timetabling is adjusted to suit people sitting in some ivory tower and not the customer? What on earth has happened these days to customer service? I’d like to point out that if passenger figures are down and this is reflected in the decision then it’s a FALSE judgement. I say this because not often do guards come along to collect fares after Walsden! I moved back to this area from London and chose Walsden because of its setting, of course, but vitally important for me due to my type of work (and many others I know) is the easy train access to the major cities. I live under the bridge at Walsden train station and am a regular commuter on the train from this station. The fact that Northern Rail wanted to keep this proposal under wraps is typical of faceless bureaucratic business these days who treat “their customers” with such contempt. I appeal to you in the position of your office to voice my concerns and those of my friends/colleagues in the area to the appropriate people who are in a position to stop this nonsensical change.

Russell Richardson