We want decisions made locally not further away

The Conservatives have come up with plans to link Calderdale up with Kirklees.

They chose to announce their plans about their future for our area at a press conference in Mirfield! No doubt all decisions will be made there if the Conservatives have their way.

We know what happens when Calderdale and Kirklees combine. When two hospital trusts were merged to create the Calderdale and Huddersfield Hospital NHS Trust we were told that services would be protected and become more efficient. What has actually happened is the disappearance of many NHS services from the Calderdale Royal Hospital.

They are now only provided in Huddersfield, a place where there are no direct public transport services from the Upper Calder Valley. Is that to be the future of local government in the towns and valleys of Calderdale? Will services for Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot and Todmorden be run from Huddersfield or even Mirfield? Not if I can help it.

Liberal Democrats want to decentralise decision making and service provision to local town and parish councils and to local people and organisations, not to centralise them even further away, as the Conservatives plan suggests.

We will fight tooth and nail to keep our services local. We say no to a Huddersfield take over.

Christine Bampton-Smith

Lib Dem Councillor

Luddendenfoot Ward