What is this school about?

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For those who missed it might I refer them to page 69 of your 1 February publication of the Halifax Courier?

There, in the top right-hand corner, was an advert (no small one either) from the Sowerby Bridge High School for a “Behaviour Intervention Manager”. Whilst not the most expensive of salaries one is inclined to ask why does a school, of this size, require a “Behaviour Intervention Manager”? The remit is to identify and promote positive changes in pupils with challenging behaviour and providing behavioural support for the pastoral system of the school. So it goes on but I do not wish to fill your columns with what I find incredulous in its language let alone its intentions! It may be funded from a special fund but does that validate it? Even better is “this is a new and exciting role which will be developed with the successful applicant and Associate Assistant Head (Behaviour) Maybe I have missed the plot here but is this a high school or a rehabilitation centre? If it is a high school then what is this about? Isn’t a school about educating our children as best as possible and not about supplying yet another jobs worth? If there is already an Associate Assistant Head (Behaviour) in post why on earth does it require an “Intervention Manager”? Yes maybe I have lost the plot but I also know that while the Halifax MP whines about the Conservatives, it is clear that the asylum gates of Socialism are still wide open and operating while our economy requires attention! 
Councillor Roger Taylor

Northowram and Shelf Ward