Why didn’t community service workers clear the snow and ice off our paths?

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As I travel through Halifax I see the elderly struggling to leave their homes due to snow blocking their access.

I have seen people falling on the pavements injuring themselves, the A&E department in the local hospital is busy with injured people who have slipped on ice and snow and I find this to be a true and sad sign of the times where people are simply reluctant or too lazy to assist. Where are all the community service workers? Those who have been sentenced by the courts for breaking the law, why are the probation service not having these people clear snow for the elderly and general public and making pavements and pathways accessible? My guess is that the probation service do not want to upset these individuals by making them work in the cold...Best leave them at home in bed in the warmth where they can happily enjoy the Jeremy Kyle show and wait for their next social security payout? It is little wonder that the government are privatising the probation service since they have little imagination. This country is the perfect place for those who make a career out of free hand outs by the state and do not want to work or be disturbed in their comfort zone this country is simply an absolute disgrace and shambles!