Why do we allow pet cats to roam wild?

Picture the scene. A beautiful summer day. Birds singing. Children playing in the sandpit in their garden. Child to mother, “Mummy there’s an awful smell in the sandpit”.

Mother to child, “Well, we haven’t used it since last year. It’ll only be the damp.”

Child, “Yes. But there is an awful lot of smelly brown stuff, too”.

Mother, “That’s a ‘present’ from someone’s cats. Go and play on the swing - but look out for some more of that smelly brown stuff in the nearby flower bed!”

I have every sympathy with Paul Carter and anyone else whose garden is being used as a toilet by cat-loving ‘neighbour’s’ mucky moggies.

It’s about time we had the flack taken away from dogs, who would probably be impounded by the dog warden if they were to be found wandering the streets. Why then, are cats are allowed to roam wild, and use other people’s gardens as their own personal toilet.

Not only do these fluffy felines cause havoc in gardens, they are also a threat to birds as anyone who puts out seed, fat-balls and nuts to attract them to their garden will testify.

His actions were somewhat drastic but understandable. (Why dump the mess on the car - surely the door-step would have been more effective!)

He has been the victim of your typical thoughtless cat-lover who think their pets can do no wrong. Surely some action should have been taken against the owner - if it had been a dog-owner I am sure that the dog-police would have been involved.

Don’t they also have a responsibility for their animals?

L Forester

Trenance Gardens