Why must work cost millions?

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I would question the figures quoted for solving flooding problems in Calderdale.

The two figures quoted are £3.5 million for a feasibility study, and the possible £13 million to do the work. The cost of a digger is £300 per day, and a worker costs say £25,000 per year. The feasibility study would pay for 32 years of a digger, or 140 years of a worker. The full cost quote of £13.5 million would pay for 125 years of a digger and 540 years of a worker. For a digger and two workers, the feasibility quote would pay for 21 years of work, and the full price of £13.5 million would pay for 84 years. You could probably reconstruct the whole of the available land in Calderdale in 10 years, so the workers used in this instance would be drinking tea for the remaining 74 years. If the UK Government, the local authority and the local population, genuinely worked together on these serious problems, I believe the solutions would be appropriate, low cost and long lasting. I seriously doubt if the costs of works would exceed £5 million, especially if local people and businesses are allowed to do their bit to help. And I know people of Calderdale are amazingly resourceful people. We don’t need to waste time and money learning the information we already know. The people of Calderdale do not need to be fooled by these inflated fees and costs. If these quotes were produced as maths homework, it would be a case of “see me after school for detention”.

Melvyn Rutter