Why was I only driver to be picked out by police?

Market Street, Halifax ' a bus and taxi-only zone
Market Street, Halifax ' a bus and taxi-only zone
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On the October 7 I went to pick my wife up as usual from work in town, it was approx 8pm.

On driving out of town I drove along Market Street and stopped at the lights by WH Smiths.

Just in front was a police car and a couple of officers. When I set off again I was waved to the side of the road, maybe a drink driving check I thought.

But no I was told I had drove along a road meant for buses and taxis only, and would be fined £30 for doing so, as Calderdale Council were clamping down on cars in the town centre.

I did apologise and explain I didn’t know I couldn’t drive along there, I thought after 6pm it was okay, but I was told not at any time. Okay fair enough, I had done wrong and accepted my ticket and fine.

However on the October 15 I was in town with my wife and kids shopping, parked in the same place was a police car and a couple of officers.

Just out of curosity I decided to wait and watch, sure enough a car started to come along the road, so I got my phone out and started to video what would happen.

The car stopped at the lights, and when they changed it set off, the police noticed the car but just watched it as it drove by. I was amazed, then another car drove through un-challenged.

I put my phone away, I was fuming. I wanted to say something to the officers but my wife told me not to bother, as I watched a bit more, more cars came along.

The police did stop two cars and told them they should not be driving along there but no fines issued, a few more cars even passed straight through.

As soon as I got home I put pen to paper and have written West Yorkshire Police a letter, telling them I am not happy, and feel like I was victimised due to them not being consistent in something they say they are clamping down on.

I am awaitng a reply from them, I have also contacted Calderdale Council saying the same.

This is my very first so called driving offence.

I dont care about paying the fine, if I was doing wrong then fair enough, but our council and police force need to be consistent and fair if we are to have any faith in them.

Dave Whittaker