Wonderful people rescued me from snow

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I really want to give a massive thanks to the exceptionally wonderful people at John Haigh’s Farm near Barkisland as well as the fantastically kind couple who helped me too when my car got stuck in one of the terrible snow drifts on Sunday.

There was a real blizzard blowing and freezing cold but these ladies and gentlemen came to my rescue. I wish I knew all their names so that I could personally thank each and everyone of them individually for their selfless actions. For all the shovelling, pushing, offers of warmth and comfort, use of telephone/getting aid; getting me back to my car by the kind couple from Kebroyd who carried my supermarket shopping through the terrible cold conditions and took me to the safe haven of my home I am forever grateful to you all. Thanks to the Police for their sterling support/work and to Calderdale Council for being able to clear the road so quickly on Monday morning and we could get my car out of what was, more or less, the middle of the road; again it was only with the immense help of my good samaritans at Haigh’s Farm on Monday morning that we could get the car on its way again. I must thank my family too who are there for me as I do seem to get myself into some scrapes on occasions but, to everyone, including the other nice people who offered their help during this time, I will try harder to not get into anymore and cause everyone a load of trouble and strife on my account. Massive thanks again.

Mrs Carol Gee