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I was reading the article on the Calder High Academy Issue and at one point I am quoted as follows: “If the school does become a sponsored academy then it will be linked up with another organisation. Coun Evans said the chances of this organisation being local were ‘very remote’.”

I do not remember saying the chances were very remote, but what I do remember saying in some detail is that I and my officer colleagues in Calderdale are working hard at seeking out a local alternative which is acceptable to the DfE and doing all we can to discourage them from bringing in an outside organisation, whilst recognising that the DfE can be difficult to deflect when they are determined on a course of action. 
Our objective is to achieve the best outcome for the students, staff, parents and governors of Calder High and we are convinced that this would be achieved through a local solution.

Coun Ashley Evans

Portfolio Holder for

Education and
Lifelong Learning