Yes, Frank, I know how you’re feeling

Frank Worthington with his speeding ticket
Frank Worthington with his speeding ticket
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Yes, I do have sympathy for Frank (“Is Frank fuming at £60 fine? You bet!”, Courier, 5 November).

I too was done for speeding (if you can call it that) at 36mph, passing a very dawdling driver, on the B7145 Thornton Road just below School Green, on a road nearly as wide as a motorway but far quieter; I was on my way east to Bradford.

I too drive many thousands of miles, maybe getting on for half a million whilst driving for the same firm for twenty-five years.

The ticket I got was just weeks before my firm closed down and we all got our redundancies and this was the only speeding ticket I was issued while driving for this firm (honest).

Yes Frank I know how you feel, I feel for you.

John T Marsden