Yorkshire’s cricket woes start with men at the top

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I may not be a Yorkshire County Cricket Club member now but I was for quite a long time from the late 1940’s but that does not stop me from being passionate about the game and in particular Yorkshire Cricket.

I find the words of Colin Graves insulting to the players that represent this once great cricket club and should realise that the downhill run started when he employed Martyn Moxon and Darren Gough as the two people to revive Yorkshire cricket. Incidentally Durham season after season are pushing for honours after Moxon left so results there speak for themselves.

Not doing all in his power to engage Chris Adams the coach who had been successful with Sussex and now with Surrey (they go up Yorkshire go down) he settled for second best.

He should also know that our rivals over the Pennines have won the first division championship with a successful coach who proved his worth with Sussex twice with a team with all Lancastrians who many thought were not good enough with a few odd balls thrown in.

A few years ago we had a leg break baller playing for England namely Rachid also a promising fast bowler Shazid both know seem to be on a backward curve and are no longer included in the England setup. It would suggest that the coaches at Yorkshire CCC are not up to the task and if Moxon had been in football he would have been shown the door sooner rather than later.

If Colin Graves has any knowledge at all regarding the infrastructure at the Cricket club he should realise that trouble starts at the top which is a fashion that has happened two frequently at Yorkshire ie Brian Close, Ray Illingworth, Fred Trueman and not least Geoff Boycott.

I was a member when players and gentlemen prevailed in County Cricket and I wonder sometime whether sometimes have not moved on from those days.

We have a new jewel at Yorkshire now in Jonny Bairstow let us just hope that t the people at the top echelons in Yorkshire cricket realise this and the sooner a new coach is employed the better.

If not the only way is down but the remarks of a man who is supposed to be in charge of this once great cricket club will do nothing to help his cause.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green