You should put some
cladding on your own building in King Cross

'eye sore' King Cross library
'eye sore' King Cross library

Once again the council are hounding MrEatessami and Mr Hussain about the surroundings of their property,I agree with all Jan Dodsworth has written in last Friday’s Courier.

But she did not mention the biggest eye sore, and that is at King Cross. That library - what an ugly sight that is, does the council think that fits in? Three different colours for a start and they have the nerve to pull other buildings down saying they dont fit in.
They need to sort their own buildings and car parks out,and let people get on trying to make a decent living instead of petty complaints about their buildings. We come into town every week,and do not find anything wrong with the building, it’s clean tidy and fits in well.
If the Council want to alter some thing get them to go to King Cross and put some cladding on that eye sore of a library.

R. Holden

Acacia Grove

Hebden Bridge.