All-rounder Khan stars for Lightcliffe

Alex Stead bats for Lightcliffe against Baildon
Alex Stead bats for Lightcliffe against Baildon
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Suleman Khan was in top form as Lightcliffe bounced back from Saturday’s defeat against Saltaire with a 99-run home win over Baildon in Division One of the Bradford League yesterday.

The overseas man hit 70 not out - his 50 coming off 36 balls - in an unbroken fifth wicket stand of 126 with Alex Stead (89 no).

That enabled the Wakefield Road side to post a total of 270 for four and that was more than enough against Baildon, who slid from 89 without loss to 171 all out.

Khan took six for 44 and young spinner Daanyaal Ahmed three for 33 to leave Lightcliffe sixth in the table.

A disappointing weekend for Brighouse was completed by a 109-run defeat at Idle.

The visitors, now next-to-bottom of Division Two, were unable to cope with Waj Hussain, who top scored with 69 in Idle’s 215 for eight and followed up with three for 20.

Elland and Barkisland were both beaten in the top section of the Huddersfield League.

Four wickets for Ibi Younas and 102 from ex-Illingworth opener Niall Lockley were the only bright points as Elland lost by 92 runs at home to Shepley.

Barkisland were involved in a much closer game at Honley, who were limited to 193 for seven by spinner Matthew Steers’ five for 66.

Lorenzo Ingram (45), Jamie Summerscales (44) and Ben Westbrook (36) led the visitors’s response but they fell just short at 189 for nine.

On Sunday some late heroics from skipper Chris Dewhirst helped Central Lancashire League champions Walsden overhaul Middleton’s 190 for nine with two balls and three wickets to spare.


Division One

Lightcliffe v Baildon

Ligfhtcliffe won by 99 runs

LIGHTCLIFFE 270 for four

C.Roebuck b Ahmed 64

C.Taylor lbw b Ahmed 31

A.Stead not out 89

D.Hester lbw b Bailey 1

O.Robinson lbw b Ahmed 4

S.Khan not out 70

Extras 11

Bowling: C.Hitchenor 10-1-69-0, S.Raz 10-1-57-0, M.Ahmed 15-3-60-3, S.Bailey 15-0-77-1


G.Razak c Ahmed b Khan 44

K.Maroof b Khan 31

V.Nail c Roebuck b Khan 35

J.Reynolds b Khanm 0

S.Bailey run out 8

S.Webb c Roebuck b Ahmed 1

S.Raz st Horne b Khan 13

A.Hewitt c Hester b Khan 6

T.Webb b Ahmed 5

M.Ahmed not out 12

C.Hitchenor lbw b Ahmed 1

Extras 15

Bowling: O.Robinson 2-0-17-0, M.Rasool 7-0-31-0, J,.Wheatley 15-3-41-0, S.Khan 15-2-44-6, D.Ahmed 5.4-0-33-3.

Division Two

Idle v Brighouse

IDLE 215 for six

N.Cumming b Ladak 10

S.Curry run out 6

H.Ryatt c Ladak b Khan 54

W.Hussain b Hussain 69

S.Price lbw b Khan 0

N.Sugden b Jadoon 15

G.Duckworth lbw b Jadoon 1

S.Matharu c Maloney b Hussain 2

M.Nadeem not out 30

S.Johnson not out 12

Extras 16

Bowling: A.Ladak 7-2-24-1, S.Hussain 14-1-66-2, S.Zaman 5-0-39-0, Z.Jadoon 15-1-48-2, K.Khan 9-4-30-2.


C.Robson lbw b Robinson 0

Z.Jadoon c Price b Cumming 13

M.Khurshid b Robinson 4

U.Salim c Nadeem b Robinson 25

S.Hussain lbw b Hussain 22

Z.Hussain b Matharu 5

C.Maloney c Ryatt b Matharu 12

S.Zaman b Hussain 3

T.Majid lbw b Hussain 0

A.Ladak not out 8

K.Khan b Ryatt 9

Extras 5

Bowling: N.Cumming 9-3-23-1, A.Robinson 7-0-37-3, S.Matharu 8-2-23-2, W.Hussain 6-2-20-3, H.Ryatt 0.3-0-0-1.


Premier Division

Elland v Shepley

Shepley won by 92 runs. Elland 0 pts, Shepley 6 pts.

SHEPLEY 277 for eight

T.Denton b Chabra 30

D.A.Wood b Younas 96

G.Wood c Younas b Chabra 17

L.Wiles b Younas 76

S.Savage run out 21

H.Ellis b Younas 9

O.Cox st Finn b Younas 1

J.Clarkson not out 17

D.Glover b Chabra 1

Extras 9

Bowling: I.Younas 15-0-82-4, J.Hency 14-1-66-0, R.Chabra 15-1-69-3, C.Goulden 4-0-34-0, I.Pollitt 2-0-22-0.


P.Winrow c C.Glover b D.Glover 26

N.Lockley c Denton b D.Y.Wood 102

G.Finn c Savage b D.Y.Wood 21

R.Bakshi b D.Y.Wood 0

S.Fox lbw b Savage 6

A.Wood lbw b Savage 1

J.Hendy b D.Y.Wood 2

R.Chabra c D.Glover b Savage 6

I.Younas c C.Glover b D.Y,.Wood 4

C.Goulden b Savage 6

I.Pollitt not out 0

Extras 11

Bowling: C.Glover 15-3-48-0, D.Glover 10-4-38-1, D.Y.Wood 14-0-45-5, S.Savage 9.2-1-44-4.

Other score: *Honley 193-7 (S Kelly 51, M Green 37, H Booth 36, T Taylor 32; M Steers 5-66), Barkisland 189-9 (L Ingram 45, J Summerscales 44, B Westbrook 36; R Howarth 4-69).

Honley 5 pts, Barkisland 1 pt


Walsden v Middleton

Walsden won by 3 wkts. Walsden 4 pts, Middeleton 1 pt.

MIDDLETON 190 for nine

S.Standworth lbw b Shackleton 1

G.Walker lbw b Sladdin 31

A.Ghumman b Hooson 38

G.Jones c Dewhirst b Sladdin 6

S.Davey st Dawson b Sladdin 35

R.Jones b Sladdin 2

A.Copeland run out 8

S.Mahmood b Barker 0

M.Foden lbw b Sladdin 10

S.Holmes not out 14

B.Lee not out 6

Extras 39

Bowling: B.Shackleton 7-1-34-1, S.Barker 14-0-66-1, R.Sladdin 18-4-42-5, J.Hooson 7-1-23-1, Joe Gale 4-0-19-0.

WALSDEN 193 for seven

J.Hooson c Standworth b Mahmood 0

J.Rawlinson b Holmes 16

M.Dawson s Stanworth b Mahmood 15

S.Harkal c Walker b Holmes 20

Josh Gale lbw b Ghumman 16

Joe Gale c Jones b Holmes 34

S.Barker b Ghumman 36

C.Dewhirst not out 33

J.Shackleton not out 6

Extras 17

Bowling: S.Mahmood 12-3-21-2, S.Holmes 24.4-3-85-3, A.Ghumman 13-0-71-2.