Full-time management is appealing, says Aspin

Neil Aspin
Neil Aspin

Neil Aspin says the thought of full-time management does appeal to him after he was linked with his old club Port Vale.

Aspin spent 10 years at Vale Park and was recently linked with the manager’s job there, although chairman Norman Smurthwaite vehemently denied the speculation.

The Town boss admitted he was flattered by the rumour, and said he has ambitions to manage higher up the league ladder.

He said: “It’s nice to get linked with any job, especially when it’s higher up.

“I’m ambitious, I want to manage as high as I can.

“The only difference with my situation at the moment is whereas previously being a full-time manager wasn’t as important, now I feel the thought of being a full-time manager definitely appeals to me.

“I’m like a player, if a player plays well he gets interest. I only get interest if the team’s doing well.

“It’s not a personal crusade about myself, I want the team to do well and if the players and the manager is doing well then you get interest.

“Everybody can speculate but I don’t tend to read into what the papers say.”