Divorty must wait another two months to make Fax debut

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* HALIFAX forward Ross Divorty will be sidelined for another two months with a fractured vertebrae.

Divorty, the son of former Fax back rower Gary and a major close-season signing, has yet to play for the club after being injured in a gym accident before Christmas.

The Wales international, who joins two more front line forwards - Makali Aizue and Sam Barlow - on the sidelines has now been given the results of a CT scan on the injury and has been told it will be the end of March before he can return to action.

“The good news is it’s a stable fracture and they normally take around three months to heal,” said the former Featherstone player, who had actually resumed training after Christmas before continuing pain in his back prompted Fax’s medical staff to reassess hospital X-rays, which had initially given Divorty the all-clear.

“I’ve done a month already, so we’re looking at another eight weeks which will take me through to the start of the Championship season.

“I’m just pleased that I have some definite information now and know what’s going on because it’s obviously a potentially very serious injury.

“The specialist told me that if I was going to break my back, this is about the best outcome I could have had.

“It could certainly have been a lot worse.

“They’ve assured me that if I am smart over the next eight weeks, and look after myself, then there will be no long-term impact on my career.

“Although it’s frustrating in the short term, that’s a massive relief because I hope I’ve got another 10 years ahead of me.”

Divorty, who featured for Rovers in last year’s Grand Final victory, will now focus on rehabilitation.

“I’ve got to keep it light; swimming and arm weights,” he said.

“I’ve worked out a programme with Nigel Halmshaw and I’ll stick to that, the important thing is not to try and rush it.

“I want to put the Halifax shirt on and show what I can do, but I know from having a similar lay off this time last year with a knee injury that it’s not the end of the world.

“All being well, I’ll still have 20-odd games in front of me when I get back.”