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Halifax played host to the latest secret gig by rock band Embrace as they make their comeback next year.

The band which had its origins in a garden shed in Bailiff Bridge played in front of specially invited fans at Halifax Amateur Boxing Club, performing new tracks.

It was the 20th secret gig, entitled Invasion, the band have performed and more are expected with number 21 called Occupation to be performed in the coming weeks.

Mick Rowe, club leader at the boxing club, said it was an unbelievable night with Embrace, funds being raised for the club in the process.

“It was a fantastic event. I have never seen anything like it before.

“It’s very nice to hold something like this in the club as well and proves we can do things like this in the community.

“The fans themselves were brilliant. They came from as far as Japan and Australia. They were so well behaved and respectful. They spent and hour and a half queuing to get in as they had to get changed into their suits.”

The night started with a flash mob in Halifax town centre before fans made their way to the club at Ladyship Mills off Broad Tree Road, Old Lane, Ovenden.

The five piece of brothers and former Hipperholme Grammar School pupils Danny and Richard McNamara, Mike Heaton, Steve Firth and Mickey Dale are on the comeback trail after seven years.

Around 500 people were treated to new songs and classics as the whole place wore full length protective suits and glow sticks.

Alan Whitfield was one of the fans on the night and explained the suits.

“We were all expecting something else to happen; after all we weren’t dressed like an extra from Outbreak for no good reason. A man secured a pathway through the centre of the crowd and others followed passing out small cups of powder.

“As ‘All You Good Good People’ reached its climax Danny stood grinning at the edge of the stage holding two cups above his head. We all waited, I held my breath and at the absolute height of the crescendo, every single cup, was launched into the air and the entire room fell host to an explosion of multi-coloured powdered paint.”

Hayley Ewens from Bolton was another who watched the performance. “It’s been an amazing ride so far, so well planned and executed... and addictive. Their new stuff will blow your mind, make your heart race and leave you wanting more.”

To watch a video of the performance visit www.halifaxcourier.co.uk




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