Review - Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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Movie to game adaptations have had bad rap over the years, with developers wanting to rake in the pounds by making badly rushed games to feed off the success of the films they are supposed to represent.

However, the best of the bunch are the animated variety. Developers Monkey Bar Games and publishers D3 jump on the movie-to-game bandwagon with their latest instalment of the Madagascar franchise, aptly named Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

Alex the lion and his friends join a circus to help find their way home to New York while trying to escape from Captain Chantel DuBois. Players play as all their favourite characters from the Madagascar movies, taking part in missions to help their journey progress. Players that have watched the movie will know what’s what right from the start and will instantly recognise the assortment of locales, ripped right from the movie. They will also find everything is faithful to the game’s silver screen counterpart. Being aimed at a younger audience, the story is very easy to understand, pulled along by brief cut scenes narrated by Mason and Phil, the two Chimpanzees.


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