How to manage the fat clothes and thin clothes in your wardrobe

Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel

Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel

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So continuing with our wardrobe Spring Clean theme this month I am going to talk about fat clothes and thin clothes. The thing is clothes have the power to make us feel absolutely wonderful and absolutely awful depending on if you are having a fat day or a thin day. When I see a client she more often than not has a few pieces of clothing that she is keeping for thin days. They might be pre-baby clothes or clothes from another era in her life when she was slimmer. There are two schools of thought on this ...

lKeep the clothes as something to aim to get into

Studio shot of young model choosing dress to wear

Studio shot of young model choosing dress to wear

lGet rid of the clothes because by the time you’ve lost the weight you will want to buy new clothes to celebrate how thin you are.

During my second year of university I was very very thin; I even had a six pack. To flaunt this I used to buy children’s T-shirts.

There is no way that I’d get into one particular T-shirt now (we’re talking over 10 years ago!) however I am keeping it to either give to my nephew or my own child (when I finally get round to it!). It’s an awesome t-shirt – they’d be lucky to have it.

If your weight is fluctuating and you are on the holy grail of “I’ve just got another stone to lose” then some of your clothes might be foes rather than friends: clothes that you still love but can’t fit into which taunt you every time the wardrobe door swings open. These clothes need a new home – pack them into a suitcase, move them into another room, just remove them from your eyesight.

Some things are worth keeping no matter how big or small they are but if they make you feel bad/guilty every time you look at them then it is just not worth it.

If they remind you of good times, if they have happy memories associated with them and most importantly, you have the space to keep them, then keep them. There is no hard or fast rule on this. Just make sure whatever you keep in your wardrobe makes you happy.