Style File: Swings and roundabouts and peplums

Trendy modern peplum worn above by Olivia Cockcroft and below a more traditional outfit on a model
Trendy modern peplum worn above by Olivia Cockcroft and below a more traditional outfit on a model

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Did you know that the USA only started using modern roundabouts in 1990?

(You can thank me later when you win the pub quiz with your blinding knowledge of America’s road history.)

Located in Summerlin, Nevada the first roundabout left the local population ‘dismayed’ and was vehemently opposed.

Fast forward 20 years and the roundabout has been welcomed wholeheartedly into the American transportation system so much so there are now 3,000 roundabouts in the USA.

So what has Summerlin, Nevada got to do with fashion? Well, like most things, not only is fashion cyclical but it can also take a bit of time getting used to what fashion has to offer.

And this month the offering is peplums.

A peplum is an added ‘skirt’ of material around the waist which adds volume and detailing to the garment in question.

Peplums can be traced back to the nineteenth century but in more recent history they first graced the hips of fashion hungry females in the 1940s and again in the 1980s (where fashion is concerned, it really has been done before.).

Sometimes you can look at a piece of clothing and know instantly that it is wrong for you – the wrong kind of material will add bulk, too long and it will drown you, too tight and you suddenly can’t breathe.

And here we have a trend telling us to add extra material to our silhouettes.

Feeling wary?Don’t.

Peplums are bang on-trend and sexy as hell.

They also cover a multitude of sins, work with most body shapes and will take you through to next season as well.

Big lunch? Sorted. Mummy tummy? What mummy tummy?

If you buy one thing this autumn/winter ladies, invest in a peplum: either on a pencil skirt, a top or a dress.

You can also buy them in belt form to wear over an existing skirt or dress ensuring you get the maximum usage out of your wardrobe which warms the cockles of my fashion recessionista heart.

They celebrate the female form curves and all.

How many fashion trends can hand on heart say that?

Q. So what are Halifax fashionistas wearing this month?

A. Neck candy and shirt collars