The Wardrobe Angel: Get out your Sunday best before it passes into style history

Sandals with buckles don't detract from the dress
Sandals with buckles don't detract from the dress

So this month is a weird one, fashion wise.

The sun may or may not be shining but regardless of the weather the shops on the Great British High Street have cleared through on the summer stock and are now stocking the first drops of AW13 stock.

This outfit just works

This outfit just works

You may want to tentatively dip your toe into the pool of new season stock but sometimes the best is yet to come so the strings on your purse stay firmly closed.

You are bored of summer but not ready for winter.

The answer to your wardrobe conundrum?

Time to don your Sunday Best.

The tradition of Sunday Best comes from poorer people having just one good set of clothes which they wore specifically to church and took off as soon as they got home.

This month is a great time to crack out your Sunday Best: the clothes you save for a special occasion but have rarely worn.

Now I am not talking about wearing a full sequinned gown for work – you may get a few strange looks on the bus – but those clothes which you think are “too nice” to wear for work, “too expensive” to wear if you are just going to the pub or “too posh” for a meal out.

They are invariably the clothes that when your husband or partner says, “Why don’t you wear that yellow jacket?

You never wear it.

That’s a nice jacket that is.” You reply, “I can’t wear that! It’s far too nice/expensive/posh!” (delete as appropriate)

Take note: these are clothes that have magic powers.

When you do decide to wear them the compliments pour forth, people do double takes and stop you in the street to ask where you purchased the item from.

The downside with these clothes you have deemed for ‘best’?

They are the ones that lurk in your wardrobe, you pass them over, ignore them and then eventually forget about them until you wrestle them out from amongst the hangers and realise they have passed into style history.

So what was “too posh” is now “too dated”.

Don’t let this travesty happen to you – get in that wardrobe and get dressed up.

Next month we’ll be talking new season but until then get your Sunday Best out and wear with pride!

Why the fab outfit pictured works

I spotted Olivia Musto (27) (pictured) in town and couldn’t resist taking this picture of her and her lovely clothes.

* Fringed bag – an essential in any summer wardrobe

* Turquoise jewellery always looks great with a tan

* Big hoop earrings work with the long curled hair

* Sandals with buckles don’t detract from the dress

* Don’t be afraid of colour: the colour pop on the dress is magnificent.

Stephanie Roper, a tea-drinking Yorkshire lass is the Wardrobe Angel. She opens up a whole new world of fashion using clients’ existing clothes. To find out more about her work go to