Mayhem predicted as Benny hits town

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Returning to West Yorkshire after a successful European Tour, Australia’s folk-punk troubadour Benny Mayhem will be performing in Brighouse tonight, Friday.

Before he goes back to his homeland, Benny will playing a gig of folk music that has been heavily influenced by the singer’s interest in English and American rock,

Benny graduated from Edith Cowen University in Western Australia in 2010 and since then he has been travelling extensively in his home country, New Zealand and Europe, pusuing his passion for music. While studying Benny was lead singer for the award winning Perth-based band Project Mayhem.

Benny said: “I feel a kindred spirit with Irish and colonial Australian folk. My music steers away from the sullen introspection of contemporary singer-songwriters and is more aimed at getting people on their feet and singing.”

Sharing the billing will be Morecambe-based singer Chester. The gig is at The Commercial/Railway Inn, Gooder Lane, Brighouse tonight. Free admission from 8.30pm.