Salvation Army’s musical gems

Festival of music at Halifax Salvation Army, St Jemes Road
Festival of music at Halifax Salvation Army, St Jemes Road
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A festival of music took place as part of The ‘Gems for Songsters’ weekend at Halifax Salvation Army.

The celebration recalled the theme which referred to a rich collection of Salvation Army music found in the eight volumes of ‘Gems for Songsters’ songs that spanned 50 years from 1922 to 1979, as well as incorporating songs dating back to 1886 first published in ‘The Musical Salvationist’.

A performance of more than 70 singers from Halifax Citadel and the surrounding Salvation Army Corps formed part of the event, which included a brass band performance before a day of singing as part of a large Brigade leading an ‘afternoon of praise’ after a morning service.

The leaders for the weekend were Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Rayner and Mrs Sheila Rayner.

Speaking of the former songsters who were invited to the weekend-long event, Lynda Hill, bandmaster of Halifax Salvation Army Band, said: “It was very nostalgic looking back and learning those songs again and meeting people who’d moved away.

“It was absolutely full.”

The Halifax Salvation Army gathers at St James Road, HX1, forming part of the worldwide Christian church and registered charity which works in 126 countries, demonstrating Christian principles through practical support.

This Christmas The Salvation Army, Halifax, has signed up to give its service users a gift from you on Christmas Day as part of the Courier Shoebox Appeal 2013. For more information see page 15.