A modern story for a younger audience

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The Way Back Home

Square Chapel Halifax

Colourful, imaginative and simple Oliver Jeffers new play for children is a unique collaboration between two companies; Big Wooden Horse and Theatre Royal Winchester.

The Way Back Home follows the story of a young boy that finds a plane in his cupboard. He flies the plane until he runs out of petrol and eventually lands on the moon. He is frightened, lost and alone until a passing Martian lands there too.

This quirky and loveable story really captures the imagination of the young audience, with an original score of music and a fantastic simplistic set this performance is a good example of modern story telling. The minimal staging allows the audience to use their imagination to create the various backdrops and the clever use of suggestional props added to the simplistic theme that ran throughout.

Performed by an energetic cast of two Charlotte Cooper and Adam Carpenter work hard at keeping the audience engaged, singing, dancing and playing the narrative with ease and dedication.

Various scenes required the audience to replicate sounds and solve individual character’s predicaments and the young audience loved every moment shouting and communicating with the cast on stage.

A really delightful matinee performance that offered its audience so much entertainment for the ticket price, I strongly recommend this play to any family in search of a live interactive theatre experience. An extensive tour is scheduled throughout 2011.

Adam Smith