Halifax-born Ed Sheeran wowed the crowds in Leeds

Ed Sheeran performs during the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards at Wembey. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire
Ed Sheeran performs during the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards at Wembey. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

HALIFAX-born rising star Ed Sheeran certainly lived up to the hype when he performed this week in Leeds on his UK tour, writes Joanna Wardill.

The remarkably talented musician showcased his guitar skills and stunning voice at Leeds University Student Union to a sold-out crowd.

Ed - who spent his early years in Halifax before moving to Suffolk - performed tracks from his debut album, +, which entered the charts at number one.

His stage presence belies his 20 years. He was at ease, chatting and telling stories to the crowd, who cheered as he said: “I was born not far from here, a place called Halifax - Hebden Bridge. I lived on a hill. And then I left. But it worked out for the best.”

While his personality is endearing, it’s his music which speaks volumes.

The sounds he creates with just his voice, a guitar and a loop pedal is awe-inspiring.

Creating a bass beat by hitting his guitar before slowly building up the layers of a song delighted the crowds on tracks such as Small Bump and You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.

Even without a guitar, his voice silenced the room in a cover of Jamie Woon’s haunting Wayfaring Stranger.

An unexpected treat was Mikill Pane’s appearance for Little Lady, a cover of The A Team.

You’re not short-changed when you see Ed Sheeran. He puts his all into a show - stage-diving twice and breaking three guitar strings on one song.

Judging by the grins on people’s faces as they left, Ed’s meteoric rise is showing no sign of slowing.

l His excellent support acts Antonio Lulicćand Ryan Keen will be performing at The Hop in Wakefield on November 3