Video: Hundreds of pupils come together in town centre cultural production

Hundreds of children came together to give a Halifax town centre show-stopping performance in a culturally cohesive school project to be performed in one of London’s most prestigious venues.

Halifax primary school pupils’ from Parkinson Lane, All Saints, Holy Trinity, Luddenden, Mount Pellon, St Augustine’s, St Mary’s, Warley Road and Halifax high schools: Halifax High, The Crossley Heath School and The North Halifax Grammar School brought the chants and discourse of a thirteenth century and female empowering piece of Muslim literature to life on cobbles at The Woolshops.

School children perform in Halifax town centre

School children perform in Halifax town centre

The production retells the prose, based on a true story, of Tumhein Dillagi Bhool and the joint school production is based on a song made famous by Pakistani born musician Qawwali Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

The rehearsal is ahead of the schools trip to London where pupils’ will showcase the Music for Youth performance in the Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall on November 10.

Parkinson Lane head teacher and lead organiser of the project Gugsy Ahmed said: “It went really well, the crowd really enjoyed it. The whole project is about women’s rights and Razia Sultan [the play’s female protagonist] is one of the forerunners of the Suffragettes and she becomes a Sultan and brings together a total kingdom and represents women really well.”

Parent Asrat Parveen, whose children Hafsal, 11, and Haleem, nine, are in the production, said: “It was a wonderful performance. I’m really happy and proud of my children and the rest of the children.”