Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden reveals his top tip for the perfect Yorkshire puddings

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has shared his top tip for making perfect Yorkshire puddings - and revealed why he prefers Yorkshire to London.
Mattheew WolfendenMattheew Wolfenden
Mattheew Wolfenden

The Halifax-born actor was the latest celebrity to appear on Chris Kamara's new podcast - The Chris KaMOREa Podcast with Plusnet - and said he makes a mean roast, complete with homemade Yorkshire puddings.

He said: “I make a mean Sunday roast. I absolutely love cooking and Sunday roast is my forte.

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“We’ve always got people around for Sunday and my secret to a good Yorkshire pudding is if the recipe says put three eggs in, double it. Always put more eggs in than the recipe says and you get fantastic Yorkshire puddings.”

The actor also opened up about his love for God’s Own County where he currently lives with his wife and co-star Charley Webb, and their three sons.

He said: "I think the best thing about growing up in Yorkshire is how friendly everyone is. I moved to London when I was 22.

"The difference… I mean, I love London. I spent five years down in London and I adore the place. But you do notice the difference with how friendly people are in Yorkshire where everyone says hello to each other, everyone always strikes up a conversation whereas in London you tend to get on the tube and people will bury their heads in their papers and they don’t really talk to each other.

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“But yeah, I think the friendliness of Yorkshire people is a massive thing. I’ve moved from West Yorkshire to North Yorkshire so I’m in Harrogate now. We’ve been here just over two years.”

Kamara was interviewing Matthew Wolfenden as part of his new podcast which launched on Yorkshire Day to celebrate Yorkshire’s love for great value and urge Brits to get more out of everyday situations.

Each episode sees Chris joined by different celebrities to discuss how Brits could have a little more money in their pockets if they got over their well-known embarrassment and awkwardness.

He said: “People need to take a leaf out of Yorkshire’s book when it comes to getting more bang for their buck. Being more direct, ditching the embarrassment and speaking up for what you want but with warmth and charm has got me where I am today. It’s these inherently Yorkshire traits that were instilled in me from a young age.”

Other guests on the podcast series include Comedian and Celebrity Juice Host Keith Lemon and Blue boyband member and singer-songwriter Simon Webbe.