Where is Alan and Celia's scenic bungalow in Last Tango in Halifax?

The new series of Last Tango in Halifax has begun and those familiar with Calderdale are already spotting the familiar locations used in the show.

Monday, 2nd March 2020, 8:31 am

Giving an iconic view across the Calder Valley, Alan and Celia's new bungalow is located on the hills above Ripponden.

Writer and creator of the show, Sally Wainwright, said: "We didn't have many new locations this time. I think the bungalow was the only new location and I think Gareth, who directed it, went round and looked at a few and they really wanted that one.

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi. Picture: BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire

"It really did it had that fantastic view across the valley and it had the fantastic conservatory right in the right place.

"It just looked like a desirable bungalow that Celia would go for."

The bungalow is located on the hills above Ripponden with a fantastic view over the valley, showcasing the beauty of Calderdale for the world to see.

This was a view that Anne Reid, who plays Celia in the series, liked a lot.

"You can see on the iconic picture that was done and the sun shone that day and we were leaning on a gate," she said. "So beautiful.

"I love the opening shot. With the helicopter coming over and going down to the bungalow and the conservatory.

"I thought it was lovely."

There are a number of locations that Calderdale residents will recognise used in the programme including the outside of Harveys of Halifax in the town centre.

One of the drama's most iconic locations however isn't near Halifax at all.

Gillian's farm is located above Rochdale and is actress Nicola Walker's favourite spot.

She said: "One of my favourite places is Gillian's farm and I love being up there. The view is astonishing and I do really love my sheep, I really do.

"When Sally said she was writing it again I said please can I have more time with the sheep."

Last Tango in Halifax will continue next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One