Mary’s world view is a show not to be missed

Mary Loney is a popular and well known artist running painting courses for Northlight Art Studios and before this responsible for creating the successful Access to Art and BA Art Course at Todmorden College.

Sunday, 11th October 2015, 11:00 am

She even has an MBE to her name although would never tell anybody about this and remains very humble about her exceptional contribution to Art education and her wonderful talent.

From October 14 you can see an exhibition of her work intriguingly titled Queen of Good Sitting.

“Mary Loney’s work draws upon the archetypes and mythic imagery that she finds in everyday life. Her large expressive paintings explore the dark stories of childhood and their implications upon society. The vulnerability of a child or of an old person becomes a metaphor for the vulnerability of society,” says Carole Kirk.

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Her large paintings involves the viewer in everyday images of children, observed local people, older people or situations ,but often have an intriguing unsettling slant, that all things are not quite right.

Many of the painting include her family as models and inspiration to create effecting images that are beautifully and expressively painted.