TV Highlight: Warwick Davis pushes himself to the limit

Warwick Davis and Bear GryllsWarwick Davis and Bear Grylls
Warwick Davis and Bear Grylls
Bear's Mission with Warwick Davis, ITV, Tuesday, 9pm

Warwick Davis has spent the best part of 40 years bringing the most fantastical characters to life in some of the biggest movie franchises ever.

Away from the glamour of film locations though, his favourite place in the world is the Lake District, where he’s spent countless family holidays. So, in Bear’s Mission with Warwick Davis, that’s exactly where he’s heading, but led by Bear Grylls, this is anything but a holiday.

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The trip kicks off with Bear hovering in a helicopter over one of the UK’s biggest natural wildernesses – but Warwick is not at the planned meeting spot.

Warwick says: “Nothing looks the same on a map as it does in real life. I feel like I’m on a date with someone and they’ve stood me up. I’m all ready to go, dressed to impress and my date’s not here.”

Eventually, Bear spots Warwick and picks him up from the edge of a cliff on the skid of the helicopter. As they speed off down a stunning Lake District valley, Warwick screams to Bear: “You’re a lunatic!”

Dropped on top of a hilltop overlooking a glorious lake, Bear and Warwick head into the Cumbrian mountains on foot - and are soon faced with a difficult rock climb.

"We all have dwarfism in our family,” explains Warwick. “We’re not built for climbing up things, but we still enjoy the beauty of the place - from the car.”