VIDEO: G-SHOCK watch survives incredible trip into space to test 'world's toughest timepiece'

A G-SHOCK watch has survived an incredible unprotected trip into space on a mission to test the world's toughest timepiece - watch the amazing video here.

Tuesday, 10th October 2017, 2:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 5:24 am
G-SHOCK launch watch into space for a galactic mission to test the worlds toughest timepiece
G-SHOCK launch watch into space for a galactic mission to test the worlds toughest timepiece

The Casio made G-SHOCK watch, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions on earth, was still ticking perfectly after its incredible journey.

It travelled 44.1km above the earth, survived temperatures of minus 58 degrees and travelled 25km past the ‘Armstrong Limit’ where human blood boils.

The G-SHOCK boldly went up using a NASA-approved space balloon and also survived a 123-metre free fall to earth, 14 metres higher than St Paul’s Cathedral in London, at speeds of 65km per hour, to test its unbreakable credentials.

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The space mission marked the release of the next generation of one of the brand’s most iconic models.

Blasting off from Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, the GPW-2000 GRAVITYMASTER lived up to its name as it was propelled into the stratosphere towards zero gravity and spent one hour and 22 minutes in space.

VIDEO: On board HD cameras captured every moment of the G-SHOCK’s astro-flight, so you can see how it survived its mission in our videos above - or CLICK HERE.

MORE VIDEO: G-SHOCK in space - the recovery - CLICK HERE.

G-SHOCK launch watch into space for a galactic mission to test the worlds toughest timepiece

MORE: An interactive 360 video transmission of the watch’s space flight is on the G-SHOCK Facebook page. Follow the galactic journey on the G-SHOCK Instagram and Twitter base stations.

In the contest of G-SHOCK versus g-force, the 120g timepiece, built to withstand the most extreme temperatures and conditions known to mankind, also endured crushing g-forces of 3.63G, air pressure of 0.00146bar (325,000 times less than the lowest tolerable air pressure ever recorded on Earth) and virtually moisture-free humidity levels of 0.02%.

After surviving the space trip, the still functioning G-SHOCK – designed to accurately keep time anywhere in the world – hurtled back to land in Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire, completing a galactic round trip of 82.55 kilometres, in two hours and 46 minutes.

As a final test of the watch’s tough credentials, the last leg of its mission it fell to earth at over 12 times the standard 10 metre drop every G-SHOCK is tested to withstand.

One small step for giant leap for G-SHOCK

Tim Gould, Deputy Managing Director of Casio UK, commenting on the watch’s journey into space, said: “G-SHOCK was born from a desire to create the world’s first unbreakable watch, that could resist gravity, magnetic fields, extreme high and low temperatures and the highest of g-forces.

"We’re proud this mission into space has once again proved that these watches are the toughest on earth, able to survive and operate in the harshest conditions known to mankind.”

The G-SHOCK GPW-2000 GRAVITYMASTER watch was released in the UK this year, the latest addition to the aviation concept GRAVITYMASTER Series, part of the G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches.

Featuring the latest Connected Engine 3-way Time Sync System, designed to use either GPS, radio waves or smartphone pairing to accurately tell the time anywhere in the world.

The G-SHOCK takes off over Huddersfield in West Yorkshire

Launched in 1983, over 100 million G-SHOCK watches have been sold in over 100 countries.

Built from a mission by creator Mr. Ibe to create the unbreakable watch, G-SHOCK stunned the world with a concept for toughness that defied conventional watch-making logic.

G-SHOCK creates technologically advanced watches that can resist the effects of gravity, freezing temperatures, high water pressure and magnetic fields, watches built to last forever through a constant pursuit of toughness.

Alongside its classic offering, G-SHOCK has since launched its G-SHOCK Premium range (£300+) in 2011. The G-SHOCK Premium collection uses the highest standards of engineering and rigorous testing at its design centre in Yamagata, Japan, to ensure that every piece remains true to the original concept, whilst a combination of the finest materials and opulent styling’s deliver the ultimate in luxury timepieces.

Since its launch, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve, continuing to support on Mr Ibe’s mantra “Never Give Up”.

For further information about Casio G-SHOCK watches visit

G-SHOCK launch watch into space for a galactic mission to test the worlds toughest timepiece
One small step for giant leap for G-SHOCK
The G-SHOCK takes off over Huddersfield in West Yorkshire