56 years with the same Halifax company - and Jack isn’t stopping there!

John Hughes with David Collett
John Hughes with David Collett

Can you imagine working for your employer for 56 years? That’s how many years 92-year-old Jack Hughes has racked up at Collett and Sons - and he has no intention of calling it a day soon.

Jack was kept on after his previous employer, James Murgatroyd, sold Moorfield Farm in Wainstalls to Richard Collett, the grandfather of the current Collett and Sons owners, in the early 1960’s.

Jack Hughes at his 'official' retirement party in January 1992.

Jack Hughes at his 'official' retirement party in January 1992.

Jack had been a cattle dealer for the farm, but then began to drive Collett’s milk wagons as well as collecting and delivering animal feed and hay.

Apart from a break of six months in the 1970’s due to health issues, which meant Jack was consigned to the office duties, Jack continued to work as a driver until his ‘official’ retirement in January 1992.

Collett arranged a retirement party at the Imperial Crown in Halifax for all current and numerous ex-employees, but the following Monday morning Jack reported for duty.

Collett’s then decided to employ Jack as a ‘second man’ who would sit in the cab with the drivers when transporting abnormal loads, which is a legal obligation when doing this type of work.

Jack did this for another five years, until a new position of sandwich boy was created, and for over 20 years, Jack has the daily task of taking the sandwich order from office staff in Halifax, collecting the sandwiches and distributing them around the office.

“After 56 years working at Collett’s, it’s safe to say I’ve really enjoyed it!” said Jack.

“From my early days starting out driving the milk from various farms right through to driving the HGVs, that was my favourite part.

“It’s lovely to see so many familiar faces each day and to still be part of the team, I’m glad I’ve lived through it all and long may it continue.”

Managing director David Collett said: “Over the past 56 years, Jack has been a constant in our lives and everyone knows him as being part of the family as well as the fixtures and fittings of our company.

“Jack has also been a faithful and valuable servant to the business for all this time. I have very vivid memories of working with Jack as a young boy, going out with the milk wagons at the weekend and helping with the empty milk cans.

“It’s great to see him every day around the office, keeping us all in line!”