A new petition to save the Central Library

A MINI petition is being started to try to prevent the closure of Halifax Central Library.

Instead of spending weeks collecting signatures, organisers will devote just two hours to the job outside the library in Northgate on Saturday, which is National Libraries Day.

“The arguments continue about the future of the Central Library and archive and we are frequently being approached by angry members of the public who want to know what they can do to stop the present facilities being bulldozed,” said Anne Kirker, of the Don’t Bulldoze Our Library campaign.

“Gathering more than 16,000 signatures like we did in 2009 was a massive exercise, carried out over several weeks in summer weather.

“Instead, we are going to see how many signatures we can gather from 10.30am to 12.30pm on February 4.”

Mrs Kirker said the event was to demonstrate their support for libraries generally and to try to convince Calderdale Council to retain the Central Library rather than pull it down to make way for retail development.

The council has published a new questionnaire asking people whether they support plans for a new library and archive next to the Piece Hall.

It wants to know whether people would support the plans as long as it was certain that the new library will have the same, or better, facilities.

After much persuasion, the council also asks whether the new library should be retained.

People are also being asked to rate the importance of independent retailers, major retailers, restaurant/cafes and leisure facilities.