Elliot brushes shoulders with the stars thanks to lighting business

Elliot met Nickelback after meeting their lighting designer
Elliot met Nickelback after meeting their lighting designer

Hello, my name is Elliot and I am a lighting designer. I light lots of events such as Glastonbury Glade in 2014 and Beautiful Days from 2010 to now. I have my own company called Spiralstagelighting. My company has been noticed on total Production International magazine and BBC Radio Leeds and much more.

I started when I was seven years old and I got my first light as well then. In 2014, I opened my service. I got a company because I got bigger in the production industry, so I decided to have a lighting service. Hopefully, when my service gets bigger, I hope to get young people involved and help out do stage lighting.

I am supported by some of the biggest companies in the world such as Avolites, a billionaire lighting desk company and Chauvet, another billionaire lighting company. I recently met a very famous Canadian band called Nikelback. The reason why I met Nikelback is because I met the lighting designer of Nikelback and the sound people then, they told me that would you like to meet Nikelback so I said yes. When I met Nikelback, they were really kind people and also the rest of the production. Nikelback gave me an access all area pass and a VIP pass. Also another reason I met Nikelback is because I met the head of security at Sheffield Arena.

Also do something that you like, be a lighting person or own your own business like a shop. Get involved with things and if you get involved with a production company, you could meet someone famous.