Figures reveal number of Calderdale children who got their preferred school place

More than 80 per cent of Calderdale Year Six children have got their first choice of a secondary school place.

Saturday, 6th March 2021, 9:00 am

In all 2,236 children – 81.5 per cent – got their first choice secondary school in 2021, slightly down on 2020’s 86.3 per cent (2,287 children).

However, more children got their second choice of school this year than last, with 194 (7.1 per cent) compared to 2020’s 136 (5.1 per cent).

This year a further 5.2 per cent, 143 children, received their third choice preference, compared to two per cent (65 pupils in 2020.

All in all, 3,063 applications were received for secondary school places, compared to 3,019 in 2020.

Parents or guardians who are unhappy with the school place offered and would like their child to be added to the waiting list for another school should complete a reallocation form.

This form must be completed by March 15 and notification of the outcome will be in writing by March 29, says the council, which adds details regarding this will not be provided over the telephone.

If they wish to appeal the decision, parents or guardians can request this on the reallocation form or contact the School Admissions Team for further information.

Full details of the processes, including the electronic reallocation form, are available on the council’s website (, including appeals procedures for foundation comprehensive schools and academies, and grammar schools.