Former Calderdale teacher's invention looks to reduce stress in the classroom and workplace

A Brighouse based innovator who left teaching in Yorkshire after more than 10 years, has created a new wellbeing product that uses breathing techniques to reduce stress.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 5:00 pm

Michael Crinnion has created Luma3 that looks to support the wellbeing and mental health in the classroom.

The invention using slow waves and pulses of light and colour to teach people skills for feeling calmer and more focussed.

Before creating Luma3, as a senior leader of a school, Michael was responsible for how mental health affected both the students and staff in his care.

Michael Crinnion, has created Luma3

Conscious breathing, the practice of slowling and controlling your breath was the obvious choice, Michael has used it personally for 20 years to help manage his own challenges with anxiety and has taught it to students, staff and friends to great effect.

In January, Michael left education and began working on the solution to this problem full time.

He created Luma3, formed Mind Body Goals Ltd and began working with product design specialist Richard Hall and esteemed business entrepreneur Colin Glass OBE on launching the

product for crowdfunding.

Michael Crinnion, has created Luma3

Luma3 uses soft waves and pulses of light and colour guide your breathing, taking care of all the timings so you can focus on your breath. It sits with you through the day and gently prompts you once an hour to take a moment for yourself.

“Everyone who sees or uses Luma3 immediately loves the product," said Michael.

“We’re naming the people who are getting behind this from the beginning our ‘Lumanaries’ because they are helping us inspire others to believe in doing things differently and making a positive change”.

The company is also implementing the ‘10:1 Inititative’ which means for every 10 sold, one Luma3 will be donated to a school, college or university alongside a set of easily implemented lesson and assembly resources.

The company Michael has started behind Luma3 is also committing to dedicate a proportion of profits into funding meantal health support in schools.

In order for this to happen it needs the support of people and businesses to get production to the next stage.

Michael and the team need to raise £40,000 to start manufacturing and will be seeking this via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

For those who are interested in Luma3 for themselves, or their teams; or those who want to support a company with real and specific social goals, they can get involved by visiting and pledging to buy Luma3 during the Kickstarter campaign.