GCSE results day 2022: Live updates and reaction as students across Calderdale collect their grades

Todmorden High School students receive their GCSE resultsTodmorden High School students receive their GCSE results
Todmorden High School students receive their GCSE results
Students across Calderdale will be eagerly awaiting the news of their GCSE results today (Thursday).

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GCSE Results Day in Calderdale

Reaction from Rishworth School

“Students at Rishworth School should be delighted with results in GCSE and other qualifications announced on 25 August reflecting their hard work and determination during a particularly difficult time nationally and globally. Nearly 90% of GCSEs were passed with grades 4 – 9, well in excess of national and regional levels. Nearly a quarter of all GCSE results at Rishworth were with the best possible grades, from 7 – 9.

“Results in Maths and English were outstanding: in both subjects, nearly 90% of passes were attained in the top six grades. Our grade 9 – 4 grade achievement rates in Science were over 30% higher than national average, demonstrating the strength of STEM provision within the school.

“Results in Humanities subjects have also been exceptional this year, 100% of students attained with the top bands in subjects ranging from Food and Nutrition to French and Rishworth students continue to perform well in drama, music and the performing arts. In the Higher Project Qualification, 100% of grades were from A* - B.

Anthony Wilkins, Head of Rishworth, said: “The Rishworth experience is designed to provide an exciting and stimulating educational adventure both in and out of the classroom, with outstanding academic results as one of many desired  outcomes. The range of activities on offer, in academic subjects, sport, music and drama, offer opportunities for all students to excel in different areas and to enjoy the widest breadth of experiences. All our students are to be congratulated, as must their families, their teachers and everyone else involved in their success.”

Reaction from The Calder Learning Trust

Huge congratulations to all our year 11 students who have out-performed previous years exams and achieved results significantly above the national and Yorkshire and Humberside averages published in the media today. More students than ever achieved the top grades with some securing grade 9s across the board!

There has been, as ever, some incredible performances by Calder High students with more students than ever achieving the top grades with some securing straight grade 9s across the board!

We are very proud of all our students; they have shown a real commitment to their studies, made the most of all the opportunities that our staff offered and achieved fantastic academic success despite the unprecedented challenges that COVID posed for us all. It was a privilege to watch our students receive their results, share in their celebrations and wish them a fond farewell as they step proudly into the next stage of their lives.

I would like to thank all of our students, staff and parents who have worked together to support our young people through their time at The Calder Learning Trust.’

Anthony Guise, Headteacher of The Calder Learning Trust, Mytholmroyd

Hipperholme students celebrate GCSE success

Hipperholme Grammar School reports some fantastic achievements by its Year 11 students in their GCSEs this summer.

Star performer Jeevan Bajra achieved a full house of grades at grade 7, 8 and 9, including 2 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s. Other top performers included Eleanor Carter, Florence Taylor and Freya Burgin, all of whom achieved a string of top grades.

HGS is celebrating all its students’ results: 93% of all grades were at grade 4 or above and 100% of students achieved 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above.

This year’s GCSEs were the first exams to be sat since 2019. National policy for 2022 has been to reverse the process of grade inflation by moving the grade boundaries up compared to 2021 when teacher assessed grades were awarded, which has impacted on the proportion of top grades awarded nationally.

Nicholas James, Head of Foundation, said: “Our year 11 students can be proud of their achievements both individually and collectively. This year group experienced a great deal of uncertainty during their GCSE courses, but coped admirably, showing resilience and determination to succeed. I’m grateful to our teaching staff for their tireless work in supporting our students throughout their GCSE courses, who can now progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.”

Reaction from Todmorden High School

“Todmorden High School is incredibly proud of the ambition shown by its year 11 of 2022.

“Ambition is one of our school values, all our year 11 have been dedicated to their studies and all our subjects have made positive progress this year.

“Our students are respectful and are cared for in a family environment, as a consequence they thrive, and progress and attainment are good.

“We are particularly proud of Rebecca Spooner, Lily Taylor, Natalya Tyler, Florence Richardson-Foster, Erin Cunningham, Emma Spooner, Sakura Daggers, Emma Rawlinson, Owen Campbell, Fiza Shiraz, Tomas Wallace, Maisy O’Gorman, and many others. All our students seen this morning have gone to enrol on ambitious courses at sixth-form college. Two of our students, Euan Hoddy and Bailey Johnson, have secured apprenticeships with the school.

“We are brimming with pride as our examination results have improved on the 2019 measures. Todmorden High School would like to thank Governors, parents, staff and, most of all, the students.”

Reaction from Trinity Academy Grammar, Sowerby Bridge

“Well done to all Trinity Academy Grammar students who have, yet again, achieved another amazing set of results. This year’s achievements are particularly impressive considering the significant barriers the young people have overcome. They have experienced significant disruption to their GCSE studies, enduring lockdowns and periods of self-isolation, whilst having to adapt to remote learning.

“It is particularly difficult to pick out individuals when, collectively, the year group has done so well, but a special mention must be given to the 10% of our students who secured grade nines; one of whom achieved ten top grades across the group of subjects she studied.”

Charlie Johnson, Principal, said: “I am full of admiration for this year’s Trinity Academy Grammar students. They have overcome so much adversity and carried so much weight on their shoulders throughout the course of their schooling. I must also thank all the parents / carers and staff who have gone above and beyond in supporting our students to achieve their potential. It has been a wonderful team effort and I’m glad our students can move on to the next stage of their education knowing they gave it their all. On behalf of the academy I would like to wish all the students the very best in their future endeavours and look forward to seeing them next at our presentation evening in January at the Square Chapel. It’s been a pleasure working with such dedicated individuals - well done again!”

Congratulations to GCSE students

On GCSE results day 2022, Coun Adam Wilkinson, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services, said:

Congratulations and well done to everyone getting their GCSE results today.

“Students receiving their results this year began their GCSE study years in 2020, meaning they’ve experienced some of the most challenging years faced by the education sector, with disruption and different ways of working necessary due to the COVID pandemic.

“We’re all incredibly proud of how young people and schools have dealt with the unprecedented situation with hard work and a determination to succeed, demonstrating great resilience.

“Lots of students will be celebrating today, but anyone who’s disappointed with their results should know that there’s lots of support and options available. They can talk to their school, C&K Careers and Open Minds.”

Tips for students from Russel Winnard, COO of Young Enterprise and Young Money

GCSE results day can be an overwhelming time for students and parents and carers alike, and with this year marking the first cohort to actually sit exams after the pandemic, nerves are clearly building in many households.

Therefore, it’s vital that today, young people feel supported, and families know what to do and how to help.

  1. Prepare Plan B

When we have a particular plan in mind, we can often feel it’s a setback if we need to consider other options. However, remember that there are many exciting choices available and various ways to approach a chosen career or college course.

By exploring and preparing different avenues and pathways beforehand, young people will feel less overwhelmed and stressed on the day. In life, it’s good to have a range of plans to respond to different scenarios, so having a Plan B isn’t a failure, it’s just an alternative way of getting to where we want to get to.

  1. Try and create a calm environment

It’s normal for us as parents and carers to often reflect our own concerns and worries onto our children, however, in the days leading up to results day, this can often amplify the situation and heighten emotions further.

Instead, try and listen to your children’s worries, reassure them and concentrate on what they can control. Take the opportunity to do your own research so you feel as fully informed as possible and able to advise and signpost, to help them make their decisions.

  1. Reach out for support

For many parents and carers, this might be the first results day they’re going through with their child. No one is expecting you to have all the answers – that’s why there is support available.

Most schools will have a point of contact, so it’s worth noting who this is in advance, and sixth-form colleges will have systems for admission. As the parent, you can help frame discussions with teachers and help your child to listen to school advice. There are also online forums and blogs where those in similar situations share their experiences.

At Young Enterprise, we are delighted to celebrate the achievements that young people have made over the last couple of years, particularly during this landmark time in their lives. Young people’s creativity, talent and ideas are massively important to the future of this country, and as they take the next step in their journey, it’s critical that we support them in continuing to build the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will stay with them for life.

Russel Winnard, COO of Young Enterprise and Young Money

What are the options?

Dr Nick Smith, Principal at Oxford Home Schooling, said: “It has been so brilliant to see this year’s GCSE students achieve the results that they wanted. This is a momentous achievement that they should be very proud of.

“It will be a big day of celebration for thousands of children across the country, but there will also be many who don’t quite get the results that they had hoped for.

“We are here to reassure them that they needn’t worry! For those who don’t get the GCSE results they expected or needed, there are a number of options that are available.

“Firstly, students should contact the course representative at the sixth form or college they applied to see if there are still places available, as sometimes they will be able to let you onto the course anyway. The other option is that they might be able to offer a different subject that might be interested in.

“You could also consider less traditional routes, such as apprenticeships, work experience or even a gap year. If you want to continue your education while doing these, you can always resit your GCSEs while working.

“If you are thinking of pursuing you’re A-levels, it’s possible to do them at home and take the qualifications independently. You can do all kinds of A-levels at home, from maths to business and psychology, so it’s worth exploring this option if you want to carry on learning.”

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